New Finishes

We are pleased to introduce three new finishes to our repertoire.

AGED LACQUER: reminiscent of a worn gilt frame, this antiqued finish adds depth and interest.  The finish is applied meticulously by the hands of a Master Artisan to ensure that each fixture is unique.  See Aged Lacquer featured on the Jennifer sconce and as an inset on the Pop.

CHALKY WHITE & CHALKY BLACK: inspired by plaster, this softly textured, super matte finish is hand-applied, layer by layer, and lends the fixture added depth and dimension.  See Chalky Black and Chalky White featured on the Oliver. Chalky White is also featured on the Kensignton and Folie.


Elle Decor A-List

The Urban Electric Co. was thrilled to co-sponsor the ELLE Decor A-List luncheon in New York City on May 19th. The luncheon was held on the stunning rooftop of Carnegie Hall on a perfectly beautiful spring day.  In attendance were all of the A-List designers, most of whom are loyal UECo. supporters (lucky us!).  We were also happy to support four of the newest inductees; Jason & Katie Maine, Beth Martin and Ken Fulk which have all been great friends of UECo. for several years.  Congratulations to all of these talented designers for being included in such a prestigious list!  And thank you to Michael Boodro and the rest of the ELLE Decor staff for such a lovely afternoon! 




Eye On Design with Elizabeth Martin

Eye on Design with Elizabeth Martin
San Francisco, CA


(1) What UECo light do you like to use the most and why?

I love the Urban SmokeBell hanging fixture. This light sums up what I love about lighting and design. The antique mirrored glass has a patina and gives this light “an other worldly” feel. The lines of this fixture are simple yet tip its hat to antique lanterns of the past, however UECo’s version is most definitely modern. This fixture can go in a classically traditional setting or very modern space and work equally well, love it!

(2) Your six picks of favorite UECo lights?


Olga, Altamont Wall, Factory, Jackson, Savvy, Marin

(3) What is your design philosophy?

Oh my, simplicity I suppose…and letting materials speak for themselves. There is perfection in imperfection…perfection is actually boring and so not interesting to view.

(4) What is something people may not know about your firm?

We love to help and uplift our clients in their knowledge and education of design and process…and that we love to laugh and bring that sense of fun to our projects!

(5) What is your favorite part of a home to design and why?

Honestly I like it all. Each room in a home has distinct requirements and feeling and so that is what is interesting with design. I also love the collaboration with our clients, helping them create an environment that is theirs- is everything and very rewarding.

(6) Three design resources you can’t live without?

I love 1st dibs, they are a great outlet to view antiques from around the world. Flea markets anywhere… (I love picking up what others discard and reimagine that which is found.) And Pinterest is a great source for describing something and of course for inspiration.

(7) Best design tips you have learned from experience?

Design is a process and needs to evolve. You can change your mind. Simplicity speaks louder than “louder”.

(8) What do you collect?

It’s funny as I get older I have become less of a collector – I try to let things pass through me… rather than to “collect” or to “hold on”. I suppose the few things I will always collect are art and books. I bought a Richard Diebenkorn drawing recently…it makes me happy every time I look at it.

(9) What are your favorite paint colors to use?

I tend to go in extremes. I love dark moody colors or clean crisp colors. For example, I love the color seen in the bathroom of our Showcase House that the Marin light fixture is shown. The color in this room is called Andromeda by C2… it is a dark black/green.

(10) What are your favorite design books?

The books I look at for inspiration are more in the art and architecture realm. I was recently in Houston on a project and visited the Rothko Chapel, I bought every book I could on his work.



We are proud to share images of the newly renovated FIG restaurant located right here in our hometown of Charleston, SC. Head Chef, Mike Lata, has been a friend of The Urban Electric Co. for many years now so when it came time to refresh his James Beard Award winning restaurant we were incredibly honored to be brought in by local architect/designer David Thompson. Every fixture in the newly designed space was sourced from UECo. and we could not be more pleased with how the space turned out. The next time you are in Charleston, do yourself a favor and EAT AT FIG.

Featured fixtures: West Wycombe, Eddystone, Metro, Lucien, Symon (Customized)


Eye on Design with Ally Gwozdz of Curate Interiors

Eye on Design with Curate Interiors, San Fransisco, CA,

(1) What UECo light to you like to use the most and why?

The Punch is the clear winner. It's so versatile in both modern and more traditional settings. I've specified it in multiples down a hallway, in a powder room, as a ceiling mount fixture in an exterior foyer. It harkens back to the headlights on my dad's 1940 antique car; I have very fond memories of summer family outings to Dairy Queen in it!

(2) Your six picks of favorite UECo lights?

1. The custom exterior pendant we designed for a client inspired by a fixture they saw and fell for in Amsterdam, 2. Belle Meade, 3. Huntley, 4. Loopy, 5. Lundy & 6. Pop. I most recently used the Pop in a client's elevator and papered it with the same wallpaper we used in their kitchen’s elevator vestibule. It's a cicada (yes, cicadas) deco-inspired wallpaper from Grow House Grow in Brooklyn.

(3) What is your design philosophy?

I aim to create warm and livable spaces that don't feel over-decorated -- and yet every detail is thought out. I'm a tactile person and that manifests in the symphony of textures I use. I seek out timeless pieces and the result is often eclectic yet refined. Mixing periods makes for the most interesting spaces that feel lived in.

(4) What is something people many not know about your firm?

In order to maintain a balance in my life I am selective about whom I choose to work with. It is important that there is creative harmony with a client before taking on what is a very personal endeavor for both of us. My clients tease me but my heart skips a beat when I immediately know I’ve discovered the perfect piece or wallpaper, fabric or rug. I'm a seeker at heart and intuitive about what clients love so it's thrilling to nail it. I've been known to refer to schemes as "insane" when they’ve come together well or to text my clients photos of something I've found for them and simply say "we've arrived." The dialogue and process is fun. 

(5) What is your favorite part of a home to design and why?

Whether it's the powder room or the library, the smallest room in the house is always my favorite because it allows me the opportunity to take the most creative risk.  

(6) Three design resources you can’t live without?

1st Dibs, Los Angeles (JF Chen and Blackman and Cruz atop the list), Instagram, world travel.

(7) Best design tips you have learned from experience?

I always tell my clients good design evolves and takes time. I refuse to present an entire scheme with every piece and detail determined at one time because it would be forced. The most wonderful outcomes for clients have happened when we commit to an ongoing dialogue, don’t rush to finish and there's a level of trust that I'll seek out and find great pieces, whether custom, new or vintage. I've also learned there are no official rules when it comes to design but it's important to obsess over the finer details. Finally, comfort is key. You can find the most beautiful upholstered pieces online or but clients need to sit in them to test the comfort level before making any commitments. 

(8) What do you collect?

I have an extensive collection of white ceramic tableware by Astier de Villate that takes my dinner parties to another level. I also have several vintage wood flatware boxes.

(9) What are your favorite paint colors to use?

Charleston Gray and Slipper Satin by Farrow & Ball
Acadia White, Plaster of Paris and Skipping Stone by Benjamin Moore

(10) What are your favorite design books?

"Decorate" by Tom Scheerer
"Rooms" by Katie Ridder
“Sister Parish Design”
Any Axel Vervoordt book