UECo Collaborator Spotlight: Luigi Esposito of Oro Bianco Interior Design

Oro Bianco Interior Design, London, UK

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1) What excites you most about having designed your own product collection?

Decorative lighting is a very important element of design. To have the opportunity to design our own lighting fixture allows us to totally complete our design intention and vision. Our lighting designs were developed to complement our design identity by enhancing our interiors.

2) What initially drew you to work with UECo?

The UECo collection was inspirational and each piece demonstrated excellent craftsmanship. The team behind the company is approachable and extremely professional providing a great platform to work in collaboration.

3) What UECo lights(s) from your recent collaboration do you like the most and why?

The Beacon – it’s contemporary with a tailored classical feel, it has strong masculine lines but the whole structure just floats in transparency.

4) Where do you envision specifying certain pieces from your collection in upcoming design projects?

Our collection is very versatile and can be specified for different styles of projects we are currently designing. We have modified one of our pieces to be used in a beautiful country house in London where the dining room had lower ceilings and after the design was modified and re-scaled the final product was spectacular and maintained the original features.

5) How important is lighting when designing interiors?

Lighting is a very important element in the design. The correct lighting adds the feel and enhances the atmosphere of the rooms. The appropriate lighting adds comfort, cosiness and quality of living spaces.

6) What is your design philosophy?

The philosophy behind my design is to blend functionality with the aesthetics once I have fully absorbed the client brief.

7) What is something that people might not know about your firm?

People might not know that I am a fully qualified Architect and all our projects are approached with an architectural understanding in order to create spaces that will add quality of living. Our customized interiors are tailored and developed to soften and to embellish functional and easy spaces for living.

8) What is your favourite part of home design and why?

I very much enjoy interfacing with our clients while obtaining the information required to master the design phase. Once we sign off on the design, the journey flows together with the construction phase and all which has been designed comes to life pleasantly and successfully.

9) What do you collect?

I collect baroque religious saints. I love the dramatic costumes and the craftsmanship on these interesting statues, they are peaceful and meditative.

10) What are your favorite design books?

I love photography books in general. They are really inspirational and full of interesting details.