The Skinny on the Skinny Sconce

Skinny sconces aren’t just a decorative lighting element—they’re as crucial to a room’s overall aesthetic and fundamental design plan as, say, a pendant that hangs over a kitchen island or a dining room chandelier.  Why?  Below, our thoughts on the specific virtues of this essential lighting category (and emerging trade staple).

Hedges in hewn brass with Farrow & Ball Studio Green accent.

Skinny Sconces offer a creative, fresh and less expected approach to statement lighting.  Skinny Sconces elevate a space both physically and aesthetically (ie they bring the eye up).  Skinny Sconces have a unique size and shape that gives them undeniable presence, makes them feel inherently special and enhances their versatility without sacrificing impact.


Left: Marlborough in hewn brass with antique mirror on cobalt blue inlay and partially etched glass. Right: Push in RAL 9010 Pure White.

Skinny Sconces adapt seamlessly to new uses and configurations as spaces and styles evolve over time.  Skinny Sconces confer a bespoke vibe that easily and instantly elevates any space (without the added effort or expense).  Skinny Sconces save space and solve problems without sacrificing impact. 


Push in polished nickel.

Skinny Sconces serve as both an instrument of creativity and an element of cohesion—often at the same time. Their unique shape and size make them a great way to add visual continuity throughout an entire house while their multi-functionality ensures the effect feels fresh and original each time.  Skinny Sconces literally work everywhere.


Left: Finn in white with hewn brass accents. Right: Hedges in black with polished nickel accents.