4 Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior

New designs that will change the way you—and everyone you know—think about outdoor lighting

Nothing illuminates exterior design as well as, well, smart and exciting outdoor lighting. And the latest offerings from our new collection do not disappoint. From the Clover to the Hillgate to the Peel to the Vic on Bracket, these fixtures incorporate our best elements—faceted metal plates, pitched lantern roofs—into beautifully constructed bodies that beg to be seen and admired. Explore the new lights here.

The Clover was designed to bring a dose of polish and sophistication to outdoor spaces.

Architectural detailing and light-reflecting mirrored glass make the Hillgate Pocket a go-to for outdoor illumination.

Peel: The ultimate outdoor statement fixture.

The Vic on Bracket is classic, timeless, and versatile—and prepared to add depth and visual interest to narrow walls and unconventional outdoor spaces.