14 Uses for the Skinny Sconce

We developed our skinny sconce line as the ultimate solution to the ultimate problem–space!  

Scroll through to view our 14 uses for a skinny sconce:


1. To Accent Artwork 


Pictured: Altamont Wall



2. To Complete Vertical Spaces


Pictured: Barber. Interiors by Foley & Cox.



3. In Tight Places 


Pictured: Bexley; Interiors by Steven Gambrel




4. To Complement Statement Pieces


Pictured: Huntley; Photography by Kevin Allen Photography; Interiors by Huntley & Co. Interior Design




5. In Succession 


Pictured: Huntley



6. On Bookshelves


Pictured: Huntley; Photography by Werner Straube; Interiors by David Scott Interiors



7. To Add Scale


Pictured: Melissa Quartz



8. To Set the Mood


 Pictured: Huntley; Interiors by Timothy Godbold



9. In Between Windows


Pictured: Garrison


10. Aside a Door




11. In Alcoves


Pictured: Altamont Wall; Interiors by Adam Hunter, Inc.


12. Over a Fireplace


Pictured:Abbott; Interiors by James Michael Howard.

Pictured: Melissa Wall


13. On a Mirror


Pictured: Linc; Interiors by Taylor Anne Interiors.


14. Up a Staircase


Pictured: Bezel; Interiors by Jenny Fischbach.

Pictured: Scoop; Interiors by Workstead