Eye on Design With Sandra Drews Lucas and Sarah Brooks Eilers of Lucas/Eilers Design Associates

Eye on Design With Sandra Drews Lucas and Sarah Brooks Eilers of Lucas/Eilers Design Associates Luca/Eilers Designs Associates L.L.P, Houston, Texas.

(1) What UECo light do you like to use the most and why?

We love the Venetian Lantern. It can be used in a variety of settings and can feel very custom by simply changing the interior color. Blackened Pewter is our all-time favorite UECo finish; the sample can be found on every designer’s desk in our office. Their many great finish selections set Urban Electric in a league all their own.

(2) Your six picks of favorite UECo lights?


 1. Parker Mirrored Wall sconce is so wonderfully sculptural, 2. Mrs. Potter Sconces are fabulous recessed into sheetrock walls, 3. Maxine Sconce, both sizes are great, 4. Urban Smokebell is mysterious and eclectic, 5. Virginia Lantern is a great scale, and 6. Shoreham Fixture is a much needed flush mount.

(3) What is your design philosophy?

To seek direction from our clients and combine their vision with our experience to tailor impeccable interiors that implement the principles and elements of design.

(4) What is something people may not know about your firm?

We just celebrated our 20th business anniversary by designing a Habitat for Humanity house for a wonderful family.

(5) What is your favorite part of a home to design and why?

The space that our client and their family will spend the most time is our favorite to design. This room differs from house to house. Thinking of how the space will be used and enjoyed is great inspiration for us. Some clients adore the dining room and look forward to all of the celebrations they know will occur there over the years. Others live in their kitchens, cooking and casually entertaining friends and family. Still others relish gathering around the fireplace in the family room with their feet propped up listening to music. In the end, they are all our favorites.

(6) Three design resources you can’t live without?

Matt Camron Rugs, Segreto Fine Finishes, and it goes without saying – Urban Electric!

(7) Best design tips you have learned from experience?

Never underestimate the importance of lighting. It effects the mood, color, and feeling of every interior space. Incorporate at least one piece of furniture or an accessory that has a story in every room. Remember that ceilings provide additional opportunities for design. Design around things that you love, you will never tire of them.

(8) What do you collect?

Sandy: 19th century iron building banks; Sarah: Tramp Art, Blue and White Porcelain

(9) What are your favorite paint colors to use?

Sherwin Williams Canvas tan (SW 7531), Farrow and Ball Hague Blue (No. 30), Martin Senour Pelham Gray Medium Light, Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies (OC-48).

(10) What are your favorite design books?

Rhonda Carmen’s Designer’s at Home; Leslie Sinclair’s two books: Segreto: The Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors and Segreto Style; Linens by Jane Scott Hodges.