Victory in Savannah!
Monday, June 1, 2015 at 5:17PM
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Charleston-based designer Cortney Bishop approached UECo to customize a few key lighting pieces for a recent project — One West Victory — a fully furnished student housing community located in Savannah, Georgia. Aside from housing, the property also includes an amenities building complete with an art studio, media center, greeting hall, mailroom, fitness center and leasing office. Bishop was very inspired by the opportunity to create a vibrant environment for the art students of SCAD and described the architecture as a juxtaposition between a historic industrial space and a new four story residential living quarters. Drawing inspiration from a hybrid of Andy Warhol’s Factory meets Alice in Wonderland, the challenge was to create an overall space that was modern and cohesive to the entire property 

To help make a modern statement against the historic exterior of the amenities building, Bishop selected several UECo fixtures where she could use brightly colored finishes. The entrance and interior of the space features Cosy and Globus pendants while the courtyard of the building was outfitted with customized Anson Ribbon pendants. The designer creatively suspended these in mulitiples to float between the old and new buildings.  

Bishop felt the end goal for the space was to aid the artistic process by providing inspiration for all who are lucky enough to live there - a design victory indeed.

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