Field Trip: UECo U Series 13: Folbot Workshop

UECo University’s ‘Lunch & Learn’ series visited an adventurous workshop this month — the Folbot headquarters! The Charleston-based kayak manufacturer owned by UECo employee Eric Thome and his business partner Scott Peckham was founded in 1933. Folbot hand makes foldable skin-on-frame kayaks and now offers nine models that pack into a bag and weigh as little as 24 pounds.

Eric led a tour of the workshop sharing insight into the manufacturing process with the group. A main point he made was that in recent years Folbot has focused on offering more customization with reduced lead times to both direct and wholesale customers, like REI. As a neighboring manufacturing of a very different product it was interesting for the group to make this connection. UECo puts a lot of energy and time into offering a multitude of customization options and constantly exploring ways to reduce lead times for clients. Now that is something both companies can be proud of!