Eye on Design with Joelle Nesen of Maison Inc.

Maison Inc, Portland, Oregon

(1) What UECo light do you like to use the most and why?

We really mix it up, there are so many amazing lights…even though we have only placed the Chisholm Hall pendant once we have specified them about 20 times. The shape and freshness really appeal to us.

(2) Your six picks of favorite UECo lights?




(1) Gwenwood for bedrooms, (2) Punch for just about anywhere (it’s so adaptable), (3) Melissa is so classic but with the Lucite they have a twist. (4) Love the Urban Smokebell and (5) Lincless fixtures just rock. (6) We are about to use the Carriage Wall lanterns and are really excited!

(3) What is your design philosophy?

Our design philosophy is made up of a few things. We take our direction from the client’s dreams. We really spend time culling over their tearsheets and talking about what they envision. We want to design something that they couldn’t quite imagine. We stress quality over quantity, there is always room for a little cheap chic, but you need the base to stand the test of time, both style wise and physically. Lastly, it should be fun…not every minute is fun of course, but we want our clients to leave the stress to us and be excited for the install. Trust=Success.

(4) What is something people many not know about your firm?

People may not know how much we truly enjoy each other’s company, we are like a big family. Plus we are very entertaining. We eat, sleep and breathe a clients’ house…we are emailing and texting each other night and day about a project.

(5) What is your favorite part of a home to design and why?

Powder Rooms are an easy go to for expressing strong style, but I really love dining rooms and libraries. We would like to do more libraries. Best thing would be a dining room/library combo!

(6) Three design resources you can’t live without?

1stdibs, Pinterest, Magazines!!!

(7) Best design tips you have learned from experience?

Don’t be bogged down by rules.

(8) What do you collect?

I collect little bowls, boxes and jade. My grandparents handed down an obsession for jade.

(9) What are your favorite paint colors to use?

French White is an ICI color that they basically refer to as Maison White at this point. We use a lot of gray in every form and when we are in the mood we go with shrimp and emerald tones.

(10) What are your favorite design books?

We always refer to any book by Michael S. Smith but we have piles of them at the shop that we use for inspiration.