Field Trip: UECo U Series 7: Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Charleston

This month's UECo University offsite ‘Lunch & Learn’ was a walking tour of downtown Charleston led by Creative Director Michael Amato. The City of Charleston is surrounded by wonderful historic buildings and private residences that date back to as early as the 1600's.  Michael curated a South of Broad loop that highlighted historic homes with our fixtures along the Battery and Legare and Meeting Streets.   

The tour started at the Four Corners of Law (Meeting and Broad Street) which is home to four impressive buildings representing Federal, State, Municipal and Canon Law. Walking down Broad Street, the eager group came upon the first installation - a series of our popular Sword Gate lanterns in conjunction with a John Gantt original. As the tour continued, the group had opportunity to see several traditional UECo designs including the appropriately named Charleston, Harrogate, and Adger’s Wharf lanterns in addition to a number of custom fixtures sprinkled throughout. The group even made a special stop by UECo collaborator Mark Maresca’s office and 18th Century home which feature many of the architect’s designs including the Phillip and Maresca Standing Seam lanterns. The tour concluded in front of the South Carolina Society Hall on Meeting Street which proudly boasts a noteable custom UECo post-mount lantern.

Following the tour, everyone enjoyed a picnic lunch in Washington Square park to discuss all that they'd seen. It was exciting for the craftsman and artisans to see the impact of their work on buildings and homes around town. The tour only featured a portion of the many UECo lights that can be seen all over downtown Charleston - stay tuned for a follow up Lunch & Learn tour (or several) highlighting other interesting areas of the historic city!