Field Trip: UECo U Series 5: Water Missions International

The UECo University continued its offsite ‘Lunch & Learn’ series with an inspiring and educational tour of Water Missions International headquartered just a few miles from our headquarters and production studio. WMI is a nonprofit, faith-based engineering organization providing long-lasting, sustainable safe water and sanitation solutions to people in developing countries and disaster areas. Their solutions not only provide 100% safe water for communities in need, but also include a thorough community development program to empower a self-sustaining model for long term success. Today, Water Missions International provides access to safe water for over 2 million people throughout the world — impressive to say the least!

Fueled by the insightful tour and mission of the organization, a number of UECo employees teamed up to support WMI’s Annual ‘Walk for Water’ last weekend. Organized for World Water Day, March 22nd, the 'Walk for Water' mimics the walk that millions of people take each day to collect water. Over 14 million steps have been taken to provide safe water and UECo is very proud to have been a sponsor of the walk this year!