A Conversation with Patricia McDonagh
Tuesday, September 1, 2009 at 6:10PM
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Patricia McDonagh Interior Design - Boston, MA - www.patriciamcdonagh.com

What is your favorite UECo light and why?

My favorite UECo. light is the Chisolm Hall lantern. It is so versatile and can be used in a modern, transitional or traditional setting. The metal candle sleeve is chic, while the wax candle sleeve brings more warmth and tradition. We have done them in blue, dark green- whatever the mood requires!!! Runner up is punch for its graphic impact, sense of humor, and uniqueness!

How have you incorporated our lights into one of your installations?

I have used the Chisolm Hall lantern in both modern and traditional entries for a "wow" factor that does not overwhelm the architecture but makes it look better and stronger. I love using the Lillibette lantern in a small space/ vestibule; the ice glass and nickel finish look beautiful reflected in a mirror and the scale and form are wonderful. The Melissa sconce looks wonderfully clean in a bathroom setting and adds the perfect amount of elegance and drama without clutter or overdesign. It is a perfect complement to quiet tile/ stone, and nickel plumbing fixtures.

Who is your design inspiration?

My design inspirations would be Axel Vervoodt for his balance of organic and manmade beauty and Robert Adams for his use of classicism and light. His spaces really have the ability to lift the spirit. Last but not least, my mentor Charles Spada for his ability to edit and a unique eye for art and antiques!

Top 3 Design Resources you can't live without?

Urban Electric since the lighting fixtures can really make or break a space and these make it – there is something for every project and setting.

Waterworks' plumbing, tile, and accessories make for a well furnished bath with staying power. www.waterworks.com

Antiques on 5 for the most unusual and unique antiques and accessories – a piece from here takes a room to a different, more artful and less decorated level.

Some thing people many not know about your firm?

What people might not know about our firm is that we often find design revelations at the end of a yoga class!!! The practice helps us bring balance to our clients homes as well as ourselves and it sharpens our instincts for mindreading!!!

Tips you have learned from experience?

Don't buy something just because it is on sale!!!! If it is not right for your space, the price does not matter!!!

Ideal client relationship?

The ideal client relationship is when a client completely trusts your instincts.

Favorite six UECo. picks?

Melissa Wall Lauren Andrew Reflector Chisholm Hall Chloe Punch
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